War ein geiles Treffen Jungs! Freue mich schon auf den Sommer!

Es grüsst

2007-04-08 07:28:45


(oder:, suche, CH: Material-Prüfbericht, oder Teilegutachten 98/99-Flügel)

LG + Danke, Ray
2007-02-10 21:20:31

So, hoffe der Spam hört nun endlich mal auf!


2006-12-20 12:37:44

Nice Site! ;-)
2006-11-18 03:14:27

Salü Zämä.....
I hoffe, dass me am MR-Träff z Bade ou aus MR-Neuling Wiukomme isch...

-->ha mine drum ersch sit zwo Wuche.
Aber bi scho geng Fän gsi vo däm geile Outo,

I wirde äuä ou mau verbi luege.....

Gruess usem Seeland!

P.S. d Bilder-Gallery isch eifach der Hammer...!!!!!
2006-10-02 18:28:56

Black Turbo
Hallo zäme

Er händ jo megamässigi MR`s uf dere Siite. Aber leider jo ned dä, wo er gärn gha hätit.

Do üches träffe amene Samstig ond ned amene Sonntig esch, chan ech warschinlech leider, ned wie versproche, Euch mis neue Baby cho zeige.

2006-09-18 19:47:57

Dear gents
First I wanted to congratulate you for the great homepage and second Iwanted to ask you a question. If somebody could answer it would be great because so far nobody has a clou of what I'm talking about.
Here it comes:
I am owning a MR2 1992 "willy bogner edition".
Does anybody know what is the special deal with it and second if it is something worth since it is the number 0001 of the edition.
Looking forward to a reply and I'm curious ....
2006-09-12 14:47:33

Great quality website. Great cars. Excellent Job.
2006-08-27 21:54:58

well done good site
excellent mr2's
more Japanese ladies please
European ladies are boring sorry.
2006-08-21 01:04:25

Lewis Jay
Awesome site guys.

Keep up the good work.

Hundreds of quality MR2`s from all over the world.
2006-08-20 20:05:29

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